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Image by Lola Stephen

With their name plucked directly from a transcendent experience with a Brian Jonestown Massacre track, Mandrake Handshake have no qualms launching themselves into the realm of the psychedelic, and they’ll be bringing their twinkling and hypnotic sounds to Zerox’s The Shooting Gallery venue on Friday 29th April. 

Washing over the listener in waves, there’s a sincerity and purity that’s locked within the simple psychedelic experience of Mandrake Handshake. Silky passages wrap around the listener, shimmering as slick guitar passages move with a gentle purpose. With trance-inducing rhythms making the band’s sound equally suited for a dance or a meditation, there is a direction to Mandrake’s music, yet no rush to reach it. Harking back to a romanticised vision of easier times, there’s a light-hearted love that flutters across their catalogue. With melodic vocals that rise and fall, with a graceful ease, paired with endearing and nuanced arrangements, the flavours of Mandrake Handshake leave the lingering taste of a distant memory.

As word begins to spread about the band’s expansive, Kraut-inspired ruminations, their blossoming profile is on the rise and their sound is flowering into something beautiful and brimming with potential.

Mandrake Handshake play The Shooting Gallery, Newcastle on Friday 29th April.


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