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The Scottish play might not strike you as something inherently funny, however a new production being performed at Northern Stage from Tuesday 10th until Saturday 14th March, promises to be darkly rib-tickling and strange.

It opens, we are told, with a strikingly new spin on the ‘three weird sisters’ scenario. Rather than withered old crones, the witches are portrayed as casually-dressed tech-nerds. And instead of dithering about over a cauldron, the trio are sat playing a strange collection of electronic musical instruments. When doomed (and let’s face it, slightly idealistic) Macbeth stumbles into their abode, fresh from battle, he too is invited to play. What follows is playful, horrific and, we are informed, ‘kaleidoscopic’, as the much-acclaimed Filter Theatre Company fuse innovative sound and music with Shakespeare’s narrative of ambition, power, witchcraft and obsessive hand-washing.

This 75-minute lo-fi remix could not act as a better introduction for newcomers (and naysayers) of Shakespeare. By the prickling of our thumbs, something brilliant this way comes.

Macbeth is at Northern Stage, Newcastle from Tuesday 10th until Saturday 14th March.

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