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Image: Cupcakes by Grassi

When the Surrealist movement took off in the early 1920s, one of its major aims was to resolve what was once thought to be the opposing conditions of dreams and reality. What resulted was a series of unnerving, often illogical scenes that were presented with often photographic quality. North East artist Grassi is aiming to keep that tradition alive with his latest exhibition Love You Dude, a collection of collages, drawings and paintings exploring the affectionate absurdity of people and places.

While it’s broadly Surrealist, Love You Dude sees Grassi adopting a range of artistic styles. The photographic collages set against bold backgrounds seen in Cupcakes and the title piece, for instance, is reminiscent of Pop Art, while the clean lines of Field and Metro Tracks have a distinctly minimalist edge. By contrast, Let’s Dance combines vintage cultural and historical images with more modern technology; seeing Charlton Heston’s Moses clutch tablet-shaped tech instead of the Ten Commandments is a cleverly humorous commentary on contemporary society. Whatever your tastes, Grassi’s latest exhibition contains such a range of thought-provoking pieces that you’ll probably leave in love with him. Dude.

Love You Dude is at B&D Studio, Newcastle from Friday 10th June until Monday 4th July.

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