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If you’ve ever walked out of a public toilet with your dress tucked into your pants, or confused ‘impudence’ with ‘impotence’ during a public speaking engagement, then you’ll definitely relate to the unashamedly divvy Louise Young and Anja Atkinson’s hilarious new show.

The pair are rising stars on the local comedy scene – Louise was the 2017 Funny Women New Stage Award Finalist and has been branded ‘dynamite’ by Punch Drunk Comedy, while Anja’s been garnering attention for her caustic wit, having won Mr Shindig’s New Act of the Year.

The two comedy divas first met after a gig when Louise stayed behind to watch Anya’s set, and the pair clicked. Drawing on each other’s comedy superpowers (an ability to bump into buildings with a single gag!) and their relentless capacity for divvy-like behaviour (their description, not ours!), the two fiery Newcastle lasses created their debut show for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, which previews at The Stand, Newcastle on Saturday 20th July. 

An antidote to ‘big dick energy’, which Louise explains is “the loud and boisterous energy emitted by someone who has a colossal phallus and doesn’t have to tell anyone about it”, Louise and Anja’s show promises an unashamed chortle-fest from two quality talents. 

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