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January is generally pretty shit, isn’t it? Nothing to look forward to but a load of miserable weather, bills, and finishing off the rubbish chocolates left in the Roses tub. Instead of forcing those Strawberry Nightmares down your gullet, why not go and work off some of your stuffing by getting your mosh on down at the punctuational troubling Think Tank? Underground?

The very literal Mosh On The Tyne are filling Head of Steam’s basement with full-on raging noisemongery from Lotus Eater, Parting Gift, Bleach, Cheapshot, and possibly even more bands on Friday 18th January.

Lotus Eater are the first British band to sign to Hopeless Records and in keeping with their label’s moniker, describe themselves thus: “Lotus Eater is a culture, a society, an emotion, your slasher film nightmare in aural form, a bellicose roar from the bottom of the deep: fuck you.”

Well, really. Is there any need for that? Absofuckinglutely. The band’s frenzied, unhinged live catharsis has already won them a legion of fans and it’s more than likely that they’re going to go from strength to bludgeoning strength in the future. Get in on the ground floor and watch them rise.


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