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If your Friday night is in need of dancing witches and 4D music videos, look no further than Cobalt Studios’ typically idiosyncratic event, Kissing Futures, taking place on Friday 15th November.

The venue has become a haven for those seeking to explore cultural boundaries, and the booking of singer and visual artist Livia Rita’s Fuga Futura couldn’t be closer to that mark. Leading her band of Avantgardeners (the aforementioned dancing witches), Livia’s synth-drenched approach has been compared to the likes of Bjork and Kate Bush, thanks to her utterly captivating vocals. Live, hers is an incomparable fusion of sound and vision in which she indoctrinates her audience into her post-human utopia of future feminism and queer ecology. From wearable art to surreal 4D music videos, Livia’s beguiling and uncompromising approach to artistic activism will ensure an evening of dance, music and art like no other.

Contributions from North East based artists and activists will also take place on the evening, as they’re encouraged to share their aspirations for the future. Local artists should get in touch in advance of the show to get involved.

Livia Rita: Kissing Futures will take place at Cobalt Studios, Newcastle on Friday 15th November


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