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Theatre fans! Live Lab Elevator is back and better than ever, armed with a host of fresh theatrical talent (plus one or two sexy robots). If you’ve yet to hear about this wondrous event, pin back your ears: re-launched in 2015 after a brief hiatus, Live Theatre’s Live Lab has become infamous for nurturing the finest in new theatre through bursaries and invaluable exposure. Each year, a handful of specially-curated shows are placed centre stage alongside a series of participatory events and workshops – resulting in a week of glorious local and independent theatre. What’s more, this month we’re bringing you the lowdown on 2017’s unmissable Elevator events.

Tuesday 21st February: Discussion – Writing Political Theatre
In a post-truth world obsessed with glittering new media, how can we bring British politics back into the traditional medium of theatre? Join Live’s literary director Gez Casey as he calls upon a panel of industry experts to discuss how new directors can express gritty political debate in their work.

Wednesday 22nd February: Theatre – Parklife
Conceived as a modest ten-minute show in 2014, Mhari Ledgerwood’s dystopian epic is now an full-length production thanks to support from Live Lab. With the Earth completely flooded, follow V as she navigates life on a 21st century Noah’s ark – will she adapt to this new reality or succumb to haunting memories of the past?

Thursday 23rd February: Theatre – Work In Progress
Alongside the array of full productions, the theatre will also play host to a series of unfinished snapshots that bask in artistic promise. The Plane Paper group are set to provide the hotly-tipped highlight with Scrambled an emotionally-charged and darkly comic journey into the realms of infertility. Join two sisters as they experience the emotional tribulations of assisted reproduction and motherhood.

Friday 24th February: Theatre – Sex with Robots and Other Devices
“It’s 2018. Except it feels like 2050, or a different planet. Trust us, it’s 2018”.
In this oddly disjointed romp, 2016’s Live Lab bursary winner Nessah Muthy explores the somewhat surreal realities of our technologically advanced love lives, plus the bizarre implications of being able to buy whatever you desire – and yes, that does mean sex robots.

Saturday 25th February (AM): Workshop – Director’s Masterclass
Ever found yourself wondering: ‘how exactly do directors bring their masterpieces to life’? For budding theatre-makers, finding the right creative method can be dizzying. Luckily, Live will be bringing together two top industry directors to walk participants through the fascinating translation process that occurs before text becomes an on-stage hit. With a bit of luck, the next bursary winner could be you.

(PM) Theatre – FanSHEN presents Blackout
“If seeing is believing, what can you believe when you’re in complete darkness?”
For the festival’s climactic final performance, 2015 Live bursary awardees fanSHEN will present yet another evening of incredibly immersive sensory theatre with Blackout for those who are both blisteringly brave and curious, this exhilarating and wholly unexpected piece promises to be an unforgettable trip into the realms of complete darkness.

The Live Lab Elevator Festival takes place between Tuesday 21st and Saturday 25th February at Live Theatre, Newcastle.

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