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Remember when all that was on the news was the world was burning/melting/dying as politicians refused to take meaningful action, which led to young ‘uns skipping school and people attaching themselves to trains on the tube? It was really easy to sit and watch the news whilst on your laptop in your Primark outfit, booking your summer holiday abroad and eating your avocado on toast supper and say that you were in support of the cause whilst contributing to the problem. Well, all it took was a horrible global pandemic for us all to actually take action to adopt new ways of living that are actually benefitting the planet. But will we return to our old ways once this is over, well that’s what the Life Science Centre want to discuss on Thursday 14th May (from 8.30pm) in their Virtual Science Speakeasy entitled, ‘Will the pandemic expose our climate hypocrisy?

Previous Science Speakeasies haven’t been afraid to talk about important and often controversial topics, no questions are taboo, so the easily offended should maybe just go for a walk instead. Tackling the barrage of questions is a crack team of experts including co-director of the climate change charity Possible, and author of Can We Save the Planet?, Alice Bell, a 20-year-old climate activist, researcher on eco-anxiety, and the founder of Force of Nature, Clover Hogan, behavioural change and marketing psychologist, Dr Peter Hughes and environmental psychologist at Cardiff University and director of the UK Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations, Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh. Charing the debate is Dr Alistair Ford, a lecturer in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University who explores the potential impacts of climate change and how we might improve resilience to these impacts.

To register for this free Zoom Webinar, click here. Once done, it’s a case of grabbing a drink, curling up on the sofa and enjoying an evening of lively debate, which you can contribute too by raising a virtual hand and asking the panel any questions you may have.

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