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Pop Recs hasn’t been back long as a venue, and it’s already sending out a statement of intent with the shows it’s putting on. Life are one of the hottest, freshest bands on the scene at present, and the Hull based band are bringing their chaotic yet melodic noise to Sunderland on Monday 25th January.

It’s a perfect venue for a band that will sure to be making waves in 2016, their fast, brash guitar driven sound is one which seems to be going from strength to strength, and a chance to see them in a venue perfectly fitting of their captivating sound is one which needs to be taken.

Simultaneously sounding like they’re from both the past and the future all at once, Life have an infectious energy which will surely be truly mesmerising in a live environment. There’s a frenetic, punk influenced tinge to their sound, with a raw, honest punchy vibe, this band could really be one to look out for.

Life play Pop Recs, Sunderland on Monday 25th January.

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