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What winds you up more than anything else in the world? It’s a very subjective question but one that comedian Lee Hurst is tackling in his latest show, Things That Make You Go Arrgh, which comes to Stockton’s ARC on Saturday 7th February.

Hurst is interested in what makes people’s blood boil and, like most Brits, there’s one thing that just makes him want to scream. What is it? You’ll have to wait to find out. Luckily though, even though Hurst loves a good moan as much as the next Brit, he’s also a man of solutions and so is striving to bring his audience some hilarious fixers to their annoying problems. Undoubtedly one of Britain’s funniest comedians, Hurst is likely to turn even the most irritating of habits into a joke worthy of some serious belly-laughs.

Lee Hurst will perform at ARC, Stockton on Saturday 7th February.

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