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There are certain themes which will forever be tackled across the many art forms, though few will prove as much of a challenge as that of death and mortality. It’s a bold step taken by North East based playwright and performer Luca Rutherford in tacking just that in her one woman show, Learning How To Die, which is to be shown at Customs House on Thursday 21st January.

The show is tremendously brave in navigating such tough subject matter, but Rutherford does that with honesty and warmth, to confront dying in a raw, fresh show. The play was developed with the aim of seeing the discussion of death and grief no longer treated as a taboo, and it all draws on personal experience which gives the whole piece a very earnest, sincere depth.

Utilising audio and auto biographical storytelling to address the biggest fears we have about dying, the play, co-commissioned by ARC and Ovalhouse, stumbles upon new ways to talk about death, leading to a view of living each day as an achievement as well as providing a memorial to those who have passed. It’s a piece of theatre which encourages celebration with an open heart and mind as audiences are forced to confront the inevitable.

Grief will never get any less heartbreaking, but this play may just find new ways to deal with it all, with a fresh perspective that may make it just a little easier, as it’s a chance to learn that accepting your mortality could lead to new found passion for life.

Learning How To Die will be at Customs House, South Shields on Thursday 21st January.

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