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Image: Sarah Saeed

Lava Elastic is the UK’s FIRST openly neurodiverse night of comedy, poetry and stuff brought to you by neurodiverse performer and host Sarah Saeed, aka comedy diva Marianna Harlotta.

A theory has recently emerged that many of us are ‘neurodiverse’ with differences including Autism/Aspergers, ADHD, dyslexia/dyspraxia, Tourette’s syndrome and other types of brain that do not fall into the ‘neurotypical’ camp. This can make opportunities to perform even harder to come by.

Neurodivergent performers can struggle more than most with the admin and fees involved in getting gigs and as a result there are a whole section of niche and brilliant acts that you would simply not get to experience, but Lava Elastic is here to change that with their show at Stockton’s ARC on Friday 4th November which will celebrate ALL the humans doing their thing, including neurotypical performers, who are also part of the show.

Expect performances from Scottish comic Lubna Kerr, spoken word performer Lizzie Lovejoy and local comedian Neil Harris.

Lava Elastic takes place at ARC, Stockton on Friday 4th November.

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