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Image by Olia Eichenbaum

Seasoned Sadier watchers might wonder at this latest reinvention as the Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble, since the line-up here is pretty much that featured on her recent solo albums like Something Shines, but frankly Sadier can do what she damn well wants.

Musically, her new album Finding Me Finding You (out now on Drag City) occupies a point midway between her phenomenal work with Stereolab and more recent solo ventures (Sadier commented on the break between her old band and her solo work that she’s “cultivating the same piece of land, [but] maybe I grow different vegetables”, which seems very astute). There’s plenty of krautrock dynamics, tropicalia ‘bah-bah-bahs’ and breezy French pop jangle, and as ever her lyrical concerns aren’t your run of the mill moon / spoon / June affair, with plenty of politics (and the politics of relationships, as evinced on Love Captive, her duet with Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip – “Why make promises of eternity/When really a heart needs to run open and free”) .

This might be Sadier’s finest release since Stereolab’s heyday, and judging by her recent live form, this return to Tyneside should be something special.

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble play Sage Gateshead on Wednesday 19th April.

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