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Sharks, sea-water and a stimulating sense of adventure take centre-stage in Norwegian film Kon-Tiki, showing at ARC Stockton from Friday 16th January. The country’s most expensive motion picture ever, this is British audiences’ first chance to see the critically-lauded account of a real-life expedition across the perilous Pacific Ocean in 1947.

Kon-Tiki was the name given to the balsa-wood raft, led by Thor Heyerdahl, which was the vessel for one of the most daring and dramatic sea explorations of all time. Together with a small crew, he set out to prove once and for all that South Americans in pre-Columbian times could have crossed the sea and settled on the South Sea Islands. A few niggling problems stand in their way: a collective inexperience and Thor’s inability to swim and morbid fear of water. In an against-the-odds journey spanning an epic 101 days and 8000 kilometres, they brave the unpredictable waters in the ultimate search for truth and enlightenment.

The inspiring drama was met with critical acclaim and even nominated for Best Foreign Picture at the 2012 Academy Awards; especially fitting considering the original 1950 documentary following the expedition scooped the Best Documentary gong more than half a century ago. An incredible story of shark bait turned Oscar bait.

Kon-Tiki screens at ARC, Stockton from Friday 16th January.

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