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Image by Ilse Lambert

It would be reasonable to think that a man not far from his sixtieth birthday and in his fifth decade as a musician would be thinking of kicking back and basking in past glories (especially if those past glories included spells in The Cramps, The Bad Seeds and The Gun Club among others). But that’s just not Kid Congo Powers’ style (and he’s a very stylish man): he’s still touring like a guy half his age, and with his latest (and longest running) outfit The Pink Monkey Birds is releasing excellent new music every couple of years (last year’s La Araña Es La Vida was another gem).

As befits someone with his roots in garage punk, not much changes in Congoland: a trash aesthetic, caveman stomp drums, fuzzed and twangy guitar, lo-fi B-Movie horror flick preoccupations, but with a splash of Latin and Chicano as befits his ancestry. The Congo Show rolls into The Cluny every year or so and it’s always a treat, so you need to be there on Thursday 7th December to see what bipperty-bopperty hat the Kid has chosen for this tour and to hear welcome nods to his old bands among the new songs. Plus, local mutant surf-abilly heroes The Milk Lizards – our very own Man Or Astroman? – are on the bill too, so it’s a double whammy.


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