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Having children is one of the biggest and most life-changing moments anyone will ever experience. They affect your life in so many different ways that, as a childless young woman, it’s both difficult to imagine life with them and it’s easy to admire the work of parents. Sometimes, though, I find it a bit difficult to understand the plight of some of my best friends with children (and it’s not for want of trying). Unless you have kids, there are some things it’s difficult to get your head around.

Kicking and Screaming, a new play by production company Tangled Feet, takes a look at what it’s like to be a parent in the modern age. It’s a fast, funny and highly physical play that takes a sideways look at just how we cope with our children. And how our parents coped with us. Anyone who has experience of looking after children, or simply wants an intelligent insight into what it’s like to raise kids, will no doubt appreciate the scenarios presented by the performance. Who knows? You might even pick up one or two tips…

Kicking and Screaming comes to the Alnwick Playhouse on Tuesday 10th March.

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