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Right.  If you need convincing to get to this one, let me tell you: I just immersed myself in multiple YouTube videos of Suzuki San, and I feel all the better for it.  (I would prefer to be enveloped by a massive comfy sofa in a darkened room than sitting on a swivel chair in a bright office, but that is the life of a salaryman.)

Junzo Suzuki crouches neck-breakingly over his headless electric guitar, as he strums various melodic rhythms into an array of distortion pedals arranged in a crescent in front of him. Seemingly random, and drawn out, it’s like listening to a slowed-down Eddie Hazel solo from Parliament/Funkadelic, but without the upstroke getting funky in support. It’s a full psychedelic experience, without the need for certain mind-bending substances: all you need to plug into is Junzo Suzuki’s reverbious electric beast. If you suffer from migraines or prefer to spend your weekend dancing to S Club 7 in Popworld then maybe this isn’t for you, but for more broad-minded  and patient folk, then this bill – complete with local guitar god Mike Vest playing in his Lush Worker guise – is the one for you.

Up for mind expansion? Try Junzo Suzuki at The Globe on Sunday 2nd July.

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