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Trump is in the White House launching outrageous tweets at every given opportunity, the Tories are turning Brexit into a shambles and Kim Jong-Un is launching more test missiles than you can shake a stick at. But are any of them psychopathic? How can you tell if someone is truly insane? Author Jon Ronson wanted to dig deeper into that very concept, and the result was his 2011 work The Psychopath Test.

In his Psychopath Night at Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Saturday 11th November, Ronson is set to revisit the adventure that led him to write his bestselling book. Wild, often unbelievable, and sometimes even terrifying, his journey saw him exploring the concept by meeting everyone from a man imprisoned in Broadmoor to forensic psychiatrists and even a Haitian death squad commander in order to try and draw the lines between sanity, insanity and eccentricity. As if there weren’t enough twists already, guest appearances from Mary Turner Thomson and Eleanor Longden are set to provide even more surprises (especially if you resist the urge to cheekily look them up on Google beforehand).

Prepare to gasp in awe, be compelled and perhaps even have your perceptions changed. Well, except about Donald Trump.

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