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Sadism – with jokes; John Robertson brings ‘comedy through fear’ to The Stand on Wednesday 8th December. Rescheduled from earlier this year, fans can finally see Robertson perform his famous show The Dark Room.

Initially a YouTube sensation back in 2012, Robertson’s interactive game The Dark Room received over four million hits, and was then transformed into a live comedy show and a live-action video game. If you liked Netflix’s interactive Bandersnatch, the premise is similar but in real life. Don’t go getting sucked into any portals, gamers!

The phenomenon takes its audience and challenges them to a bizarre experience, trapped in an old video game where the choices they make affect how the show pans out. The interesting concept, which takes traditional video game motifs and applies them to a live comedy show audience, combines healthy amounts of fun, fear and the fantastical.

Robertson’s creative nonsense is unique and popular at both comedy and gaming festivals around the world. Join the cult of fans (who call themselves ‘Darrens’) in being immersed in a physiological experience like no other. With Robertson as the end-of-level boss, can you outsmart and defeat the quirky improv king?

John Robertson’s The Dark Room is at The Stand, Newcastle on Wednesday 8th December

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