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Ringbinders aren’t the most fascinating of objects, and it doesn’t help that we normally stuff them with documents that gather dust and sit around for aeons until we need them for some small small reason (bills, invoices, scribbled notes from that uni lecture you didn’t really attention to). I daresay that an artist’s ringbinder would be much more interesting. After all, they’ve probably got years and years of sketches and paintings to tuck away and attempts at masterpieces that never quite came off. After thirty years of creating beautiful, witty and colourful paintings, Jeffrey Dennis has a range of materials that he can place into one of the folders. I bet his would be interesting…

The NGCA in Sunderland are displaying a collection of Dennis’ works from across the years, featuring paintings and works that cover a range of topics and are influences by such varied subjects as Bengali cinema posters, Jean Luc Godard and the Thatcher years. Since building his initial rise to fame in the 1980s, Dennis became part of a parallel movement with America’s New Image Painting and Germany’s upcoming Young Wild Ones that were considered counter-movements to conceptual art. Sometimes abstract but never truly puzzling, Dennis’ works from all his collections are accessible and might just change your perception about what ‘modern art’ is like. Ringbinder is the perfect introduction to his work, and a rare chance to see so many different works together in one place.

Jeffrey Dennis’ exhibition Ringbinder comes to Sunderland’s NGCA from Saturday 25th July until Saturday 17th October.

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