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The horrific shootings at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo a couple of weeks ago shocked the world, provoking debate around the nature of freedom of speech and radicalism. As an act of defiance, the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo features more images of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, an act that originally provoked the attack on their offices. Charlie’s acts are a way of saying that they won’t back down in the face of extreme intimidation and that instead of bowing to brutality, they will fight back with their best weapons: the pen and their humour. That’s the thinking behind The Stand’s benefit night Je Suis Charlie, which comes to the Newcastle venue on Tuesday 27th January.

Top acts on the circuitĀ – including Martin Mor, Gavin Webster and Carl Hutchinson – are appearing at the event to bring the funny to the audience (laughter, after all, is the best medicine).

Half of the proceeds from the night will go to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, while, in a lovely act of solidarity, the other half will go to the Muslim community, the vast majority of whom did not condone the actions of the terrorists.

The Je Suis Charlie Benefit is at The Stand, Newcastle on Tuesday 27th January.

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