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He’s been a restaurant critic for over a decade and has eaten at more than 700 establishments across the UK and beyond. Recently voted the UK’s best food and drink critic, Jay Rayner has done everything from eating at Michelin-starred restaurants to comparing the quality of McDonald’s chicken nuggets to KFC’s in the name of research. His reviews are often peppered with a good dose of dry wit, endearing him to a legion of dedicated readers.

Like many critics, over time he’s realised that people absolutely lap up bad reviews, the ones that really tear into the failings of a particular restaurant like a pack of ravenous wolves. In his latest tour, My Dining Hell, Rayner has decided to examine our love affair with the bad review. In the interest of fairness, not only will he be reading from some of his own most excoriating write-ups but he’ll also be taking a look at some of the worst reviews he’s ever personally received. If you’re in the mood for some tasty, witty treats, then Rayner is your man.

Jay Rayner will appear at The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 30th March.


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