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Birmingham boys with the ability to caress your ears into a dreamy bubble of shoegaze ecstasy, Jaws return to Newcastle’s THINK TANK? with a bunch of new ditties in tow on Friday 27th November.

A lovechild of the enigmatic uprise of the 2012/2013 affectionately named ‘B-Town’ pandemonium, Jaws are still ploughing through the treachery of glitter-branding fangirls and peace-sign-over-mouth poses. Their zoned-out tunes instill a tranquility on an audience like never before seen; there’s a significant lack of flailing limbs, bloody noses or bruises that will magically appear come morning, but instead a wave of human life appreciating whatever escapes frontman Connor Schofield’s (or Connor Pizza, if you want to be that person) mouth.

The stark uprising of synth pop saw Jaws swoop for the crown, as other bands got swept away with repetitive slurs over how lovely the sand looks or how much they really do LOVE to surf, they churned out singles such as Gold and Toucan Surf, a combination of jangly guitar and light-headed keyboard melodies, swiftly keeping them afloat. Their lyrical imagery is effortlessly cool, and the humble manner of their first EP Milkshake is one that will survive the outstanding Birmingham craze.

Since release of their debut album Be Slowly, the Brummie boys have garnered a grungier approach, with Think Too Much, Feel Too Little’s catchy drum beat infecting mass toe-tapping throughout venues, and proving they are more than your average group of lads who can muster a few key chords.

With an upcoming second record on the horizons, Jaws have released new single What We Haven’t Got Yet, a pleasurable mixture of their old style with the addition of a solid thorough beat, that bares an exciting preview of what’s to come. They’ll be supported by fellow Birmingham indie-soul quarter Chartreuse and Hartlepudlian alt. rock wonders Plaza; a rather fetching line-up indeed.

Jaws, Chartreuse and Plaza play THINK TANK?, Newcastle on Friday 27th November.

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