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Songsmith, social commentator and slacker pop sensation James Leonard Hewitson has come to our aid to fill our quiet days of isolation with his unique style of sound. For one week only he has released the once hidden album track, Bad Coffee, to the world. James pondering, ethereal sounding vocal hovers just above the atmospheric soundscape in a song that would nestle nicely in the Jukebox playlist of Twin Peaks Roadhouse bar. The track was recorded at Blank Studios, Newcastle by Chris McManus as part of a session of songs written for his debut album, Only The Noise Will Save Me, and is available to stream until 26th March.

James tells us more about the track in his own words…

 I just decided to go with 10 songs for the album, although I really really like this song. Just felt it was sinister and cool enough to be a hidden b-side on a single somewhere, which it is. It talks about the decline of the high street, and how some communities look derelict because of it.

Me and Chris had fun with this one because there’s no drums, only percussion. We used some inspiration from Shirley Bassey’s version of Goldfinger, especially with the use of tambourines. So it’s more like orchestrated percussion than just someone playing a kit.

Something a bit different, anyway, for entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a very isolated song.

Artwork is Hartlepool’s football mascot H’Angus made out of instant coffee, also taking inspiration from Mac Demarco’s very simplistic cover on his most recent album (just needed something quick n simple, like bad coffee!).

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