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Songwriter Jack Arthurs is currently working on material for his latest album Treasure House and like most musicians, he’s using a gig to test out songs and help give them a fine tuning in the live environment. There’s an added dimension to Arthurs’ latest gig at the Tyneside Cinema though, as instead of collating together funds to help him produce Treasure House, he’ll be using the proceeds to help a disadvantaged young person attend the Cinema’s Pop-Up Film School this summer.

The Film School is designed to introduce young people between the ages of 8-16 to the art of filmmaking by giving them the opportunity to plan, shoot and edit their own short films. Unfortunately, not everyone who could benefit from the scheme is able to afford to go on the scheme for a variety of reasons, even if it’s just on the level of being able to get there. That’s where Jack’s gig comes in. The proceeds from his set at the Tyneside will hopefully fund a child to attend the Film School in August and introduce them to the wonders of filmmaking.

Jack says: “The Pop-Up Film School encourages creativity in young people aged 8-16 years. This is when young artists need opportunities to play around with storytelling through film, writing and music. As a songwriter, I create stories for the imagination through sound. Film-makers work with our senses of vision and hearing, which are powerfully connected. I hope this gig will support a talented young person who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it, to attend the Tyneside’s Pop-Up Film School in August.”

It’s a noble cause that might one day produce a remarkable director or editor an for the punters, you get to enjoy Arthurs’ incredible craft too.

Jack Arthurs plays at the Tyneside Cinema Bar Cafe, Newcastle on Thursday 30th July.

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