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It’s a bit depressing to hear that some artists have managed to release multiple albums since the age of lockdowns began, but it’s also nice that some have had bursts of productivity and enlightenment in an otherwise creatively desperate time.

J.P. Riggall hasn’t just set out his second Covid-era record though; he’s decided to do some proper reflection on his entire back catalogue up to this point to draw inspiration for an all new spin on some of his personal favourite tracks. Isolation Blues is the ultimate walk down memory lane, with a selection of stripped-back folkish melodies that span Riggall’s career. Whether it’s the mournful a capella of shanty Captain Of My Soul slowly thrumming into your eardrums, or the whimsical strumming of hauntingly romantic Deer, Isolation Blues promises not to retread old paths.

To ensure a refreshing experience, J.P. Riggall took it upon himself to build this album from the ground up: every track is recorded in one take, then mixed and mastered of his own volition. It’s a simple process, but one that results in an organic earthiness that is as if the artist were in the very same room, giving a performance that is from the heart.

J.P. Riggall releases Isolation Blues via Bear Love Records on 19th November


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