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Under the guise of Ivan The Tolerable, Oli Heffernan (of Year Of Birds and King Champion Sounds, amongst other projects) has produced a steady catalogue of strange, lysergic and acerbic lo-fi releases like last year’s Morning Tea Migrane.

For Ivan The Tolerable’s latest outing, Autodidact, however, Heffernan has invited Robbie Major (violin) and Ben Hopkinson (alto and tenor saxophone) to make for the most surprising and explorative record under the name yet. Released as both a digital download and a (now sold out) 10” vinyl edition on his own Ack! Ack! Ack! Records on 10th April, Autodidact is an exploration of ambience and astral jazz that remains rooted in a DIY, punk perspective, prizing atmosphere and emotion over overt technicality.

Describing the album, Heffernan has commented, “I’m not sure what this record is, but I’m very proud of it – it’s the closest I’ve come to getting all the things I’m interested in across in one record. It sounds like that bit in the middle of a dream and a nightmare running concurrently, the bit where you are not sure what’s happening. It’s definitely something I plan on exploring further.” On this basis, Heffernan’s found a rich new vein of inspiration to mine.



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