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The North East comedy scene has been thriving for a long time, producing some of the country’s best stand-up comedians and funny folk. With a plethora of new talent coming through too, BBC Newcastle is set to provide a platform to the best and brightest comedy writers and performers with new radio show It’s Grin Up North launching on Friday 10th August.

Hosted by the talented Steffen Peddie, the absorbing comic brings a whole load of warmth and a razor sharp wit to the the two-hour show. With gags, sketches, interviews and music, it’s a packed show full of memorable material that’ll tickle your funny bone.

With a rich comedy circuit, North East gigs will be spotlighted and you can get to know all about your local comedy scene and where you can get to see top TV stars and the up-and-comers making a name for themselves in some incredible comedy venues. The sketch show element sets this up as something totally special too, with a selection of intelligent, inventive comedy creators putting out some exceptionally funny content.

It’s all held together in his own inimitable way by former pro-wrestler Peddie, who utilises his experience as a radio host, comedian and writer to give the show a unique voice and allow the talent involved to shine. This is sure to become a must-listen for comedy fans, and serve as a great introduction to North East comedy for those less in the know, with the sketches from the talent involved set to be hilarious comedic works you’ll be talking about and quoting all weekend.

It’s Grin Up North starts on BBC Radio Newcastle on Friday 10th August.

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