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I took a wine tasting course at University. I got free wine every Monday night, along with some education, I was determined to learn something during those three years…. Far from a piss-up though, I learned that the processes involved in producing a bottle of plonk are fascinating, some of the beliefs I had about wine were not true and no, you don’t have to spit it out. Knowing something about wine will help you to choose an appropriate tipple to perfectly compliment your steak tartar, nut roast or fillet-o-fish and it will enable you to shift your eyes up slightly from reading the £4.99, £5.99 or splash out on a £6.99 label to the one that tells you the grape variety, vineyard and vintage.

In addition to all the above, recent scientific research indicates that even a rudimentary knowledge of wine will increase your sex appeal by 67%, regardless of your gender, so long as it is used wisely; you don’t want to become a bore (I speak from experience). So if you want to become a connoisseur, and haven’t done anything sommelier (similar, sorry) then roll up, then later roll out of the Cook House on Thursday 19th March where the folk from Carruthers & Kent will ignite your taste buds for less than the price of a round.

The Introduction to Wine Tasting takes place at Cook House, Newcastle on Thursday 19th March.

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