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How under pressure are you? Really? Most of us would like to think we’re a pretty relaxed bunch living life and having a good time but perhaps underneath we feel just the little bit of pressure, either to achieve or to conform. The modern age is full of images that we have to aspire to and it’s particularly acute for women. Get to a certain age and you’re expected to balance a full time job with children and an active social life (and if you’re not doing that, well, we’ve all seen the judgemental magazine articles and Mumsnet rage).

Into Thin Air, Precious Cargo’s latest production, is a slick and intelligent take on how some of us try to cope in a world that puts an increasing amount of pressure and expectation on to our shoulders. In particular, it looks at how our ambitions can move from being a positive motivator to an Atlas-sized weight on us, crippling us to the point where we can’t function properly. Luckily, it’s not all as grim as it sounds and Precious Cargo’s use of a tight ensemble cast and magic realist elements makes this production an altogether intriguing exploration of a topic that affects so many of us.

Into Thin Air comes to Northern Stage, Newcastle on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th September.

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