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Ahead of the release of their new EP and a very special EP release show at Little Buildings on Saturday 20th January, we caught up with explosive electronic outfit Indigo Vertebrae to find out five of their biggest influences.

Rob: Une Semaine De Bonte
This bizarrre book from 1934 depicts scenes in which humans are blended with animal heads and demonic characteristics. It is a disturbing blend of lurid and exotic fantasies and nightmares. I love the vampiric and pagan influence on the illustrations. Hellish scenes of depravity and torture where demons feed on the souls of the corrupted. A gorgeous aesthetic contrast of beauty and pain; great inspiration for any lover of the macabre.

Rob: Haxan (1922)
By writer and director Benjamin Christensen; A swedish silent film about Witchcraft and Demonology through the ages. Both dark and humorous, is essentially a documentary about superstition and mental illness and its role in conjuring mass hysteria that often lead to witch hunts. A must see for fans of avante garde horror.

Elliott: The juno 106 synthesizer
It makes these mystic otherworldly sounds from a distant dystopian future, based in the mid to late 80s. When you mess around with it , you always come up with a nasty bassline or tragic lead which makes me excited

Rob: Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion, 1944 Francis Bacon
Rumoured to have inspired HR Giger’s Chest Burster in Alien, this paining fascinated me since studying art art college due to its distorted barely anthromorphic figures that seem to be a perpetual state of torment and pain. It is so visceral you can almost hear it screaming!

Elliott: The book “VHS: video cover art” by Thomas Hodge
It’s basically a book full of glossy pictures of obscure and nasty film video cover scans from the 80s , everything from horror to porn is in there ,I like to pretend I’m making a soundtrack to some of the films in there when I look at the covers , usually helps me start a new IV track 

Indigo Vertebrae play Little Buildings, Newcastle on Saturday 20th January.

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