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If you’ve ever tried your hand at writing a script before then you know that it’s pretty hard work. My one and only attempt to write an actual script for stage resulted in disaster halfway through, and now it’s buried away somewhere on a floppy disk along with my other attempts at creative writing (because yes, I am that old). However, I’ve heard some people say that improv is a doddle in comparison; this is simply not true. In many ways, it’s even more amazing to see a bunch of performers get on stage and ad lib as there’s no telling where the story will go or how it’ll go down with an audience.

The Alphabetti’s Improv Montage brings Simone Tati and William Steele together to perform 50 minutes of entirely unscripted material. Who knows what might actually happen in the show itself? They do promise masks… and themes. Make of that what you will. One thing’s for certain: if you like your theatre with a bit of chaos mixed in then you’ll love the duo’s utterly crazy attitude towards creating the show.

Improv Montage comes to the Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Tuesday 24th March.


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