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When the hype machine decided to throw its full weight behind a band, it’s usually because the powers that be in the music industry believe they found themselves something of a safe bet: an easily marketable act that won’t spook the horses but will bring in the lucre (see the rapid rise of Blossoms as an example of the truism in action.)

In the case of Bristol quartet IDLES however, it seems less like their backers have found the ideal solution to pay off their mortgage and more like they’ve been given no choice but to submit. Having formed their own club night, Batclub, to push their scorched-earth take on post-punk onto unsuspecting punters, IDLES have found themselves touted as the antidote to jejune mediocrity and bloated lad-rock.

Comparisons have been made to fellow iconoclasts like Sleaford Mods or The Fat White Family, but their recently released debut album Brutalism showcased a band with more in common with the noisy abstraction of The Pop Group or an even more gnarled and irresponsible Iceage. With Think Tank? in Newcastle in the band’s sights as part of their UK tour on Wednesday 22nd March, their muscular and tense sound will doubtlessly make for an adrenalized evening’s entertainment.

IDLES play Think Tank?, Newcastle on Wednesday 22nd March.

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