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I Like Trains are art; they’re a band that have always sought out the bleak, idiosyncratic and inherently human when painstakingly piecing together their narrative odes to history. In earlier incarnations their dour, slow building epics reached crescendos of ear blistering sonic sibilance and roared with a ferocity that belied their studious and shyly affable personas.

Performing at Pop Recs Ltd., in Sunderland on Saturday 10th December, I Like Trains have stubbornly born out the vagaries of fashion and trends, their own weighty expectations and those of fans enamoured of their tumultuous riffs. I Like Trains have rearranged members and refined their sound, experimented and sought out fresh inspirations.

Humanity is doomed. KOMPROMAT is the latest release. We lie prostrate, exposed by the jeopardy of the environment, tech billionaires and corrupt politicians. Soundtracked by the seemingly resigned sounds of Leeds adopted surly voices, synth washes and Krautrock leaning beats. All we can do is wait. There is injustice. The truth is you can’t trust the truth. But behind the misery there is a shimmer, glints of change. Exploration of a new reality. Danceable mixes, hypnotic tones. Forward looking, even.

I Like Trains are not to be missed, they are a unique, sardonic and uncompromising pole star in music’s firmament. Altered but never more relevant or needed.

I Like Trains play Pop Recs Ltd., Sunderland on Saturday 10th December.

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