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Image: Tony, woodcut print on Japanese paper, 60cm x 120cm, 2020

Some people get too bogged down on statistics. We read “81% increase in food bank use” or “66,000 more people will be homeless by 2024”, but those numbers can never really account for the fact that behind every percentage, pie chart and news story, there are real people trying to live their lives in desperate times.

Multimedia artist Mark Carr has worked for years with Newcastle’s People’s Kitchen, on the frontline providing services for society’s vulnerable. After spending time with Friends of the People’s Kitchen, he decided it was time to put out a reminder that every person who has the need to access these services is just that: a person.

I Am Somebody highlights the humanity that is often erased in commentaries on poverty and homelessness with a multimedia exhibition featuring real-life people who have benefited from the hard work of the People’s Kitchen. From Friday 26th August-Saturday 10th September, Newcastle Arts Centre will house the 31 life-size woodcut print portraits and varnished canvas artworks of friends who wished to be involved, as well as screening Carr’s 18 minute video which serves as a poetic tribute to all those Friends who deserve much more than to be a statistic.

I Am Somebody is at Newcastle Arts Centre from Friday 26th August-Saturday 10th September.

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