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Given the current economic climate, you’d have to be a deeply disturbed individual to even contemplate putting on a small, independent festival, when so many established weekenders are going to the wall…

Anyhow, local promoter and screenprint ninja Inverted Grim-Mill – aka Jonas Halsall – first put on a little festival in Cumbria’s wonderful Fellfoot Wood back in 2022, billed as Inverted Grim-Mill In The Woods, following it up with the debut Hyper Inverter last year (“the name comes from a wall mounted air conditioning unit which appealed to me for the Inversion bit but also I like how it sounds like an exciting roller coaster or something like that, when it’s actually something really boring.”). The campsite – and its owner, Barry – has attained something of a cult status lately for its series of strange goings on, often of a metal/neo-folk/eldritch bent, and Jonas first met Barry at one of these events.

Asked how he decides on the bill for Hyper Inverter, Halsall says he aims to “alternate between upbeat madness and downright misery… with limited slots available it’s a challenge but I like to make it seem like three or four unrelated gigs have somehow combined into a big mess. Yes, it is all stuff that I like, and I enjoy bringing that to other people as well as making sure the acts get a nice little holiday out of it at the very least…”

Running from the evening of Friday 28th June and with music finishing late on the Saturday night, this year’s line-up includes flute-led space rock outfit Smote, wonky splattercore from Yes Grasshopper!, experimental – often kosmische-tinged – loveliness from Bulbils, austere affecting folk from Yakka Doon among others, and there’s also some woodland happenings from doyen of drone Dawn Terry, ‘Ashington’s Joe Meek’ St James Infirmary and Territorial Gobbing. Newcastle Upon Tyne Speed Donk Experience are also appearing and I can’t even…

The aforementioned Barry will be doing some late night dousings in his Blackwood Baptist guise and there’s a bar and vegan food onsite (plus a National Trust café nearby). All this and tickets are just £55 which is madness.

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