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When we think of history, we might think of dusty books and retrospective exhibitions. But the truth is that anything and everything can be history; your secret diary, a bank statement – even this very magazine article might end up under the scrupulous eye of a historian studying these interesting times we’re living through.

South Shields artist Robert Murray has taken it upon himself to do his own documentation under the guise of musical project Human History. (full marks for the artful inclusion of a full stop in his name). Murray has already made quite the mark on the local music scene with his work in Spies In Limbo and Prison Library, but this solo project is his chance for more introspective exploration. Human History.’s first single Choose Your Weapon is a fine example of this – the heartbreaking indie ballad looks into the damage done by a one-sided romance, when one person has already checked out and left another behind without reason. His brand new release doesn’t shy away from personal, emotive subjects either; The Light of Your Soul (Feeds the Earth) grapples with loss when you don’t know what awaits your departed loved ones. With soft, suitably mournful vocals and a well-paced, thoughtful tempo driven by its simple piano chord progression is truly a respectful tribute. Human History. has managed to achieve an ambient, orchestral sound in a song written and recorded during this time of limitations. Adversity breeds creativity, so expect this to be a fruitful, productive period for Human History.

Human History. releases The Light of Your Soul (Feeds the Earth) on 8th May



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