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Lies are funny old things. Some are not necessarily malicious, I’d bet you a tenner that you’ve told a lie, even just a little white one, at some point today. But, while lies are a part of everyday life, they’re almost always unhelpful. Would it really be so hard to read the terms and conditions before you check that little box?

There’s been a definite growth in the prominence of lying in recent years; you can’t get moved for accusations of fake news and alternative facts. Poet and spoken word artist Francesca Beard wants to explore what lying has become in her brand new one-woman show, How To Survive A Post-Truth Apocalypse, which comes to Stockton’s ARC on Wednesday 6th June. She’ll doing her best to separate the fact from the fiction, be it Wikipedia ‘facts’, political spin or if that Yankee candle really was just the birthday present you wanted. And if you’re wondering how she’ll be able to try and uncover the truth in this hectic and unstable world, just remember if Donald Trump can do it, then why the hell can’t Francesca Beard?

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