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Image: Umar Ahmed, Adam Buksh, Storm-Skyler McClure and Manjot Sumal by Keith Pattison

It’s often said that Bollywood is even bigger than Hollywood, but how much does the average punter actually know about Indian films? They’re usually colourful, have some really dramatic twists and turns and more often than not have a few musical numbers that come out of nowhere, right? Well, Northumberland Touring Company might have one or two things to say about that, as their latest production How To Make A Killing In Hollywood comes to Northern Stage on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th November.

The new show follows Scottish actor Raza Khan, who has just been turned down for another role and is forced to face the fact that he might be stuck working in the family takeaway for the rest of his days. Unless, of course, he takes the plunge and goes to the place where there’s a million roles for guys just like him: Bollywood. The show features more than a few injections of electrifying Bollywood dance and an equally pulsating soundtrack. However, it also riffs on racial stereotypes, challenging our perceptions on people as well as what we think we know about that exotic film industry thousands of miles away.

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