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Disco has come a long way since all that racist/ homophobic/ flat out ignorant “Disco Sucks” nonsense back in the day, and in recent years it seems to have shaken off a lot of the negative, kitsch connotations and has been recognised as a massively influential, inclusive, celebratory bedrock of most modern electronic dance music. Of course, disco never died on the gay scene and much of its current popularity is down to the likes of Horse Meat Disco, who’ve been flying the glittery flag for the music for 12 years. Now based at the heart of London’s gay club scene down in Vauxhall (you can catch them at the Eagle every Sunday), the Horse Meat Disco collective have played clubs and festivals across the globe and released three compilation albums.

Horse Meat Disco bring their “queer party for everyone” to Newcastle on Friday 16th January at Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle.

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