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The new single from Sunderland’s Holy Braille sees them venturing through uncharted territories to bring us back something unique. The synthwave duo have managed to reach into the void between goth balladry and 90s feel-good dance, and found something lurking in the darkness therein.

Heart Braker fuses these seemingly disparate styles, with dirty, stuttering synths and fuzzy, experimental vocals, all twisting and swirling together to create their own dark, mutated R&B. The vocal delivery is effortlessly cool and detached, with more than hint of danger, bringing to mind a femme fatale from a black and white movie or a siren, drawing us closer to inevitable doom. The cut-up, minimalist lyrics were inspired by album and song titles from the 80s, a concept consistent with the genre-contorting découpé of the music itself. All of this combines to create an existentialist love song with beautifully sinister lines like “There’s nothing here to see, just the abyss and me”. It’s almost as if they’ve stumbled across an alternate reality where Dada and Nietzsche were bandmates in the 1990s, and spent their last pennies on a synth, a drum machine and a perfectly broken microphone.

Holy Braille release Heart Braker on 24th July via Kaneda Records


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