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Hollie McNish isn’t afraid to break boundaries and challenge perceptions in her poetry. She very openly talked about hiding in a public toilet to breastfeed her daughter in the video for Embarrassed, after all. But reading the poetry and stories in her latest book Nobody Told Me feels even more radical than usual. She tackles even more issues surrounding parenthood that people Just Don’t Talk About. This isn’t stuff you’ll find on Mumsnet.

On her latest tour, which takes in Durham’s Gala Theatre on Thursday 18th June, McNish brings Nobody Told Me and all its stark realities to the masses. Sometimes she addresses the more frivolous aspects, like not being able to eat Mr Whippy anymore, but McNish juxtaposes it with images of nipple leaks, the mental strife of not being able to feel sexy and what it’s like to have intercourse after childbirth. McNish masterfully expresses what motherhood is like in 2016, but her words have the power to resonate with anyone, whether they’re parents or not.

Hollie McNish performs at Gala Theatre, Durham on Thursday 18th June.

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