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There’s something special about a band consisting entirely of two musicians. The simplicity of the dynamic sets up such a pristine canvas to explore, while providing something palpably raw, unvarnished and oozing with personality.

It’s this rootsy nature that propelled The White Stripes to mountainous heights, as their simple songs reimagined rock music. The same setup launched indie giants such as The Black Keys, Slaves or Royal Blood. There’s something about pounding drums and bold, liberated vocals paired with a powerful guitar that manages to punch with such a guttural impact, it’s near impossible not to be moved.

Rudimentary foundations should not be mistaken for a lack of vision, as these very limitations constantly inspire new ways to change and evolve a distinct sound. Is it then any wonder that Australian duo Hockey Dad have created a back catalogue of phenomenally free, engaging tracks throughout their career.

The band aren’t strictly punk, indie or surf rock but they certainly contain a mindset combining all three. At its core, the sound is as optimistic, adventurous and liberating as it can be, begging to soundtrack a new generation of coming of age movies.

Hockey Dad perform at The Cluny 2, Newcastle on Thursday 20th April.


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