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Image by Elizabeth Esther Grace

What does being a ‘DIY band’ mean nowadays anyway? In an era of televised talent shows, DIY basically refers to any band working independently: they make their own shirts, organise their own shows, and put out their own music. Teesside’s Heel Turn have taken the DIY ethos to its logical conclusion with their very own Sad For Life Records. “The idea to start our own label came through working together and shooting the shit at work. We wanted to release our own music, and it would be sound if we could release other bands’ music which we’re just as passionate about.”

Since forming in October last year, Heel Turn have been on the grind to make “manic, non-stop, energy-fuelled noise.” Debut single Correspondence Blues delivers their promise, appearing on first EP A Giant Blue Dragonfly, launched with a gig at Westgarth Social Club in Middlesbrough on Friday 5th October. “The single and full EP are very much based around our experience of living and being around Teesside. Whether anger, drug or politically charged, we love Teesside…but a lot of untapped influence we’ve found here is not always positive.” EP closer Stay Hydrated is everything you want in an angry punk song: emphatic vocals, charged rhythmic guitar, borderline rapped verses and a snippet from BBC Tees Radio, apparently.

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