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Hayseed Dixie are the foremost purveyors of Rockgrass. Not sure what Rockgrass is? As its name slightly suggests, it’s a delectable and rather clever blending of hard rock and bluegrass. Four-piece¬†Hayseed Dixie have built an entire career on it, covering hard rock classics with little more than a banjo, a washboard and an impressive set of lungs. This makes them one of perhaps only a tiny number of bands who have played sets at both the Cambridge Folk Festival and Download. Now a staggering¬†fourteen years into their career, they’re coming to Stockton’s ARC on Thursday 29th January to play through a whole medley of their reimagined rock hits.

Their appearance at ARC coincides with the recent release of their fifteenth (yes, fifteenth) album, Hair Down To My Grass, but are undoubtedly best known for their first three LPs, hillbilly tributes to AC/DC, Mountain Love and Kiss. Their high-energy bluegrass renditions of Highway To Hell, Calling Dr. Love and You Shook Me All Night Long are undoubtedly strokes of comic genius but Hayseed Dixie are a bit more than a standard comedy covers band. They’re also pretty intelligent. In 2011 they released an entire album of songs in Norwegian and have recorded a number of songs in German (giving them a perfect excuse to cover Rammstein).

Really though, what we all want from a Hayseed Dixie gig is to have a good old hoe-down while also singing along to Big Balls. Basically, to have a whole heap of fun.

Hayseed Dixie play at Stockton’s ARC on Thursday 29th January.


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