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New exhibition Hard Craft comes to Vane Gallery in Newcastle from Wednesday 14th November and runs right through until Saturday 15th December. Drawing on feminist influences and the history of the suffragettes protesting, this exhibition is set to show that women, like fabric, may be portrayed as delicate, pleasant and placid but that representation isn’t telling even a small bit of the story.

Celebrating years of protest and outrage, there’s a real sense of passion stitched in to fabric and lit up in the kiln. There’s a real visual language created through posters, banners, sashes and fabrics, and it’s exactly this that the Suffragettes used to craft an identity for women in a world that was stacked against them. The 100-year anniversary of partial women’s suffrage in the UK is used as inspiration on this exhibition of collaborative work; drawing upon the material histories of dis-obedient craft and celebrating this societal revolution.

The exhibition also seeks to respond to the history of anti-suffragette propaganda, showing how imagery can be used to oppress and degrade. The radical past has left a lasting legacy in the fight for equal rights, and this collection of amazing work glimpses at a feminist future that offers up so much.

Hard Craft is at Vane Gallery, Newcastle from Thursday 15th November to Saturday 15th December.

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