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Is 60 the new 40? That’s what a lot of people would have you believe. With more of us living longer and maintaining our health into retirement, we’re more inclined to have a bit of fun and live life to the full in our twilight years. Unfortunately, this can also cause some serious headaches for the rest of us. Teesside writer Gordon Steel’s latest play Grow Up Grandad explores what it’s like to be old now and whether we really can still keep up with the youngsters when you’re more inclined to put your slippers on and have a cuppa.

The play follows ten year old Poppy as she’s put into the care of her cantankerous Grandad, whom she neither likes nor loves (the feeling, apparently, is mutual). Over time, their relationship slowly blossoms as they experience a series of ups and downs as Grandad attempts to keep up with Poppy’s limitless energy and all-too-curious mind. He might be relatively fit, but keeping up with a tweenager is something else. A tale of hope and despair, love and loss, Grow Up Grandad might seem like a bit of light entertainment on the surface but harbours a heart-breaking edge that’ll soften even the hardest of hearts.

On Tuesday 8th September there will also be a post-performance discussion with Steel and other members of the cast and crew, discussing some of the issues raised and the play in general and giving the audience the opportunity to learn more about this locally-produced, heartfelt production.

Grow Up Grandad comes to Stockton’s Arc from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 12th September.

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