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We all have dreams. Not the kind that happen after eating too much cheese on a late night though. I mean the type where you’re sitting in a traffic jam on the way home from work and thinking that there must be more to life and you wish you could be doing something else, maybe even in another time or place. Such things have inspired a bevvy of internet memes and, let’s face it, irritating inspirational quotations accompanied by photographs of setting suns.

They do say that you’re never too old to achieve your dreams though and Grandad and the Machine goes about proving just that. Set in an alternate steampunk world, our protagonists are put into peril as a hundred year old mechanical monster emerges from the sea and starts wreaking havoc across the land. Unfortunately, no one knows how to stop it. Except grandad (he was always good with a spanner. Not a euphemism). His son and granddaughter embark on an epic quest across England to find him and help him to achieve the unachievable. Written and performed by Jack Dean, the story is a modern fairy tale with a darkly adult twist, mixing vivid and imaginative storytelling with a deeply engaging original score. We defy you not to love it and start reaching for that star again.

Grandad and the Machine comes to the Live Theatre, Newcastle on Wednesday 16th September.

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