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So, usually Beyond the Wall put on a total of four bands at their major events… not this time. It’s not because they couldn’t be bothered or no one wanted to play. Nope, there’s a seemingly logical reason behind it: the trio of bands they’re putting on at the Head of Steam this time are so intensely amazing, any more brilliance might cause a mass outbreak of Scanners-esque head exploding.

If you want a properly eccentric and altogether bombastic live show, then you’d be hard pushed to get anyone better in the region than Goy Boy McIlroy. Goy Boy have slowly bided their time in the shadows over the last couple of years, before finally bursting out in the past few months to become one of the most captivating groups the north east has to offer. With their incredibly raw, neo-gothic tone and highly inventive lyrics, not only do they create an amazing carnival atmosphere but they’re also just a bit musically talented too. Okay, more than just a bit…

Glasgow’s Phases have been making waves north of border with their expansive, ambient sound intertwined with progressive sensibilities and and classic instrumentation that will boggle your mind and soundtrack your life. If you haven’t seen them before, then check out their simply stunning set at the King Tut’s Wah Wah and prepare to be well and truly captivated.

Schultz proudly told me that they punch bees in the face. No really, they punch bees. And then write songs about it (don’t worry, the bee deserved it, it was all up in their drummer’s grill). That’s all you need to know. In all seriousness though, the four-piece are dark-alt-pop-math-post-hardcore-jangle-indie-rockers, making them possibly the only band to be part of that very specific genre. In even more seriousness, they are one of the most exciting bands in the region right now and are gearing up to slap us all with the brilliance of their upcoming single Vicious Van Gogo in May too.

Without sounding too pretentious, if you’re looking for an experience rather than just a gig then you know where to be on Friday…

Goy Boy McIlroy, Phases and Schultz play at the Head of Steam, Newcastle on Friday 17th April.

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