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Local psychedelia promotion extraordinaires Wandering Oak add to their eclectic roster of shows on Tuesday 6th June, when they bring Russian stargazers Gnoomes to the Cluny 2 in Newcastle.

Having undergone significant personal and socio-cultural upheaval in the mere eighteen months between their debut album Ngan! and its new follow-up Tschak! (and yes, the exclamation marks matter), this trio manage a very special balancing act between whimsical, Deutscherock influenced melody and chaotic pedalboard soars.

Listening through Tschak!, the aunique dynamic the band rides between bold guitar rock dynamics and songwriting more influenced by synth-pop and avant electronica makes them a unique proposition: on songs like Severokamsk, they blur the lines between rock and dance and man and machine so thoroughly and effectively that you almost wonder why these distinctions existed in the first place.

Joining them on the night are another band that defies easy categorisation and genre, Newcastle’s own Ten Sticks. Currently in hot demand as a live act, this duo meld the more free-form and jazz-orientated side of post-rock a la Do Make Say Think and Tortoise with the forward-thinking electronica of Floating Points: in other words, unmissable. Opening as well are The Lightwaves Museum, an improvisational trio that folds classic psychedelic rock moves into rave territory (although, as Wandering Oak are at pains to point out, “that sounds like psy-trance, I know, but we wouldn’t do that to you. They’re ace!” Phew!)

Gnoomes to the Cluny 2 in Newcastle on Tuesday 6th June.

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